Do come to Stockholm, it’s a beautiful place, especially in the Summer.  But if you would like to take advantage of some of the best things in Stockholm, you may need a large budget to spend.  Manicures and hairdressers here cost a fortune, compared to the U.S.  Dining out is considerably more expensive.  Wine: gosh!  I can buy a fine bottle of Chardonnay (Sonoma County) for $12 Stateside.  Here, it will cost you $25 for a decent wine.

Interior design aficionados will find unique things for the home in Sweden.  Don’t think IKEA, think Kosta-Boda (  Again, you will need cash and a lot of room in your luggage.  I have seen more interesting home objects and glassware here (both functional and decorative) than anywhere I have traveled.

Convenience is not top-of-mind around here so if you think you may need Tylenol or any type of children’s medication after 6pm, stock up in advance.  The same goes for wine.  The restrictions on where it can be sold and the hours of “liquor trading” are excessive, if you ask me.

Here are a few things you can enjoy for free: flowers.  They are everywhere, colorful and bright.  Both Stockholm’s gardens and the fields of wild flower in the country are iconic – it’s the stuff of postcards of Sweden.

Street fashion: Swedish people dress nicely.  Men wear tailored shirts with bold patterns.  Women choose their accessories elegantly.  French tourists look lovely.  Try to look away when you walk past the German tourists though, fashion is not their strong suit.

I love the fika culture: a coffee break with cake mid-afternoon is something Swedes are keen on sharing with friends every day of the week.  Their small cinammon buns (Kanel Gifflar) and thin wafers (Smorgasrån) with shrimp and egg salad are scrumptious.  Amazing salmon mousse you can buy at indoor food markets, along with other picnic-friendly foods – these places are almost up to the standards of Fortnum & Mason in London.ötorget

The sun is out till 11pm and the night sky is not that dark.  For drinks on a barge with live music, you have plenty of sunlight hours to enjoy.  Long boat rides to peaceful islands, nautical theme stores and historical vessels docked along the south shore of Kungsholmen near the City Hall will delight sea lovers and anyone looking for an idyllic backdrop for drawing, sculpting or painting.

Do bring sleeping pills and the sleeping mask though, or this midnight sun business can and will keep you awake for longer than you care to be.  Also, always bring a sweater or blanket out for it is only warm for about five hours a day, even when the skies are blue.

The Museums are good, the galleries are better.  Don’t expect the Rijksmuseum.  If you are interested in history, this is your town.  Gamla Stan itself is a work of art and history museum in the open.

If you stay here long enough, you may miss a lot of small things you can find at a store in the U.S.  Not being able to buy things like roma tomatoes or Lysol wipes and lots of other little random items is starting to get to me.

My favorite places in Stockholm are Riddarholmen, Boteco da Silvania, Svenskt Tenn (, Flyt, Stureplan, Berzelli Park, the Hilton Stockholm Slussen (the outdoor bar overlooking Gamla Stan at sunset), Mariatorget, Who is Mister French and some of the above-mentioned places and experiences.  I haven’t been to Nosh and Chow yet but I hear it’s where Anthony Bourdain should go first if he landed here tomorrow.

Today it is raining and I don’t have cable television or WiFi at home so what I really miss is some tacos and celebrity gossip on E!  Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to check the weather forecast and what princesses Victoria and Madeleine are doing, on the local tabloids.


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