NATO protesters, take note: the following actions may yield greater results from your efforts:

– Get a degree in Media and go work for a news station to actually cover stories around the world that can raise awareness for your cause

– Get a degree in International Relations and pursue a career as a diplomat

– Get a degree in Law and head to D.C.

– Plant a tree

– Take on a second job (you sure sound like you have the time) and donate 10% of your income to a charity

– Volunteer in places where people need soup kitchens, teachers, nurses etc

– Become a foster parent, work on researching the cure for a disease, tutor a kid online, help your elderly neighbors carry their groceries OR try helping the pregnant lady walking down the street with her bag, or the working Mom juggling the kid and the stroller

– Write a blog: if you are eloquent and have a point that is compelling enough to amass a following, blogging is bound to raise more awareness for your cause than whatever you are doing now.  Or choose another art medium (visual OR musical) that will get your point across – once again, if the point you are making is strong enough, people will pay attention, post it on youtube)

And please don’t call your protest “performance art”, that’s an insult to real artists.

In the meanwhile, be cognizant that you are mooching off finite resources from this planet and not giving anything back.

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